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Hey Anglers, Farmer Dave here. As a co-founder of The Outdoor Angle, I handle our day to day operations and website content – we hope you love it! For me, the great doors has always had an allure, drawing me in with its seemingly endless expanse. One of my fondest memories is the first time I went on a fishing boat on a 3/4 day trip – every morning when I wake up I can taste that breakfast sandwich, combined with the salt of the sea spray on my hands and squid/fish juice – whatever it was. This, combined with that fishing boat hamburger taste keeps drawing me back to work my angle. I now prefer overnight, 1.5, 2 and 3 day trips. On the weekends, you can normally find me on the dock, on a boat, or in the mountains.

Since 2004, I’ve owned a local IT company, and have worked as an insurance agent since 2006. When I’m not working, I love spending time partaking in activities such as recreational shooting, fishing and romping in The Taco – pretty much anything that requires a decent amount of clean-up after it. I am certain my truck spends more time dirty than clean. You can find me during the rainy season in the muddy areas of the Inland Empire volunteering with SCOR+, Inland Empire 4×4 Recovery and HD 4×4 Recovery.

While my wifey doesn’t like the rocky romping too much, she does enjoy the sand, shooting and fishing. We live in California’s Inland Empire I live with my lovely wife, our dog, Duchess, and our chinchilla, Senior Gus Gus Cloudpuff The Terror Chinzilla “The Pelt”, our two Tacomas – The Taco (2016 Tacoma TRD Sport DCSB 4×4 w/ lift, big tires, light bars, front/rear bumper, winch and recovery gear) and Truckie (2015 Tacoma Prerunner V6 DCSB), and a small arsenal.

We hope to see you exploring your angles!



Hey there my fellow outdoor peeps my name is Eric aka VPinthebuilding. I’m a 30 year old contemporary rap artist and creative mind out of Southern California’s Inland Empire.

Born in Pasadena, CA raised in Corona CA, I am a proud and popular representative of Southern California’s underground rap scene. VP’s sounds are a combintaion of California’s Bay area Hyphy movement and Southern California’s Jerk movement blended with Southern trap beats. VP has made records with renowned West Coast rap artists Suga Free, Mistah Fab, Compton AV and more. My music is sure to leave an impression on the listener whether my music is heard on stage, a vehicle sound system, or house party.

Being outdoors has always been one of my greatest pastimes, I really enjoy outdoor activities such as camping off-roading and shooting as well. This group we have here is not only to show our love for outdoor activities, but also is here to help people learn how to fish proper and and know the right technique of shooting & off-roading. I hope to see you all out with us sometime doing what we enjoy best.

This is The Outdoor Angle.



Hello everyone Cisco here from the outdoor angle, My love for fishing and the great outdoors began at an early age. My uncle would take me and my cousins out to the pier and I loved it from the start. As I got older I started to experiment with different types of fishing but Bass fishing quickly became my love. I always practice catch and release as you should when bass fishing. Nowadays you can catch me at the dock or at the beach surf fishing for halibut. If it’s anything outdoors I’m there.

In 2014 I became a gun owner and developed a love for shooting too. Hope y’all enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to message me. Hope you guys enjoy our content tight lines!!



Hello my fellow outdoor junkies, My name is Nick A.K.A BeTherein20Min. I am a proud member of TOA & as you will see in the content you can always catch me on the dock or the beach! My love for fishing started when I was a very young kid, my family would always go camping & fishing at our local lakes while I was growing up. It was a blast we made some great memories together. 🏕 🐠🎣 That’s where I started and what made me such an avid angler!!!

Another thing I absolutely love to do is to go off-roading! I have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler rubicon 4 door. Man we have been through a lot together in just this first year of owning her. I’m more of the low and slow type of guy, you can catch me crawling up a hill 1st gear, 4low, locker’s engaged enjoying the ride! Jeeps aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure, they are very temperamental and have a mind of their own, but so do I so it’s a perfect match. Hope to see you all out in the trails with me someday. 🏔 🌲

When I’m not fishing, or off-roading I am spending time with my 3 year old son, whether it’s at the park or home we are always having a great time. I hope when he grows up he takes after me and enjoys the outdoors just as much as his Dad does. We are already off to a great start, he’s already caught his first fish at only 3 years old, he didn’t know what to think of it to be honest he was a little scared at first.

I hope to see you all at one point out with us in the great outdoors enjoying what we all love doing so much! It’s what we do, it’s TheOutdoorAngle.

Travis Saybrook

“Mr. NeverWantsToDoAnything”

Hey there True Believers, I’m Travis A.K.A. Mr. NeverWantsToDoAnything. I’m the owner of Overland Research and co-founder of The Outdoor Angle. I’ve always been an outdoors person. I’m sure I spent more time outside as a kid than inside. I was raised around baseball, fishing, drag racing, and American muscle. I’ve always been a gearhead, doing as much as I can on my cars without going to a shop. It’s only been the last few years that my passion has switched from street racing to off roading. I’m still trying to figure out which is more expensive. 


As you will see from our content I am married, going on 4 years now. I also have a daughter that is almost 4. She is one of the reasons I started my hobby of PewPew. I still have another 10 years of practicing until I need those skills. There’s also our dog, Beine. She’s getting up there in age so she doesn’t get to go out as much. I’m lucky enough that my wife also enjoys the same hobbies I do, but will still let me do them alone.  


I can’t forget our vehicles. There’s my 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 (Nyx), from Greek Mythology. She’s basically stock, 2 inch lift, skid plates, lightbar, and bigger tires. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. Then there is my wife’s 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport (Athena). Athena has had a lot of work done. Hope so see you on the trail!  

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